5 Fast Ways to Make Windows Run Faster

1. Destroy the proprietary Software.

Every new computer sold from the largest retailers today has built in speed busters. These consist of “Free Antivirus Spam by Norton”, “HP Update to Stop Working”, “MSN Explorer (Dont even need to down this one)” and other useless programs that have a sweet tendency to run at start-up and to show a splash screen and then hog system resources idling on your task-bar. If it has the name Acer, Toshiba, Cyber, HP, Compaq, Norton, McAfee, Free, or Trial attached to the name it is going to cause your computer problems down the line. Uninstall what you don’t need. Reinstall programs that don’t kill your resources like Avast or AVG. Restart your computer.

2. Download and Install and Run CCleaner.

One of the VERY FEW free programs out today that asks for a donation but doesn’t sacrifice your computer when you don’t give. If you find yourself thankful after it’s done, feel free to show the creator some green. Yes, it is kind of backwards to uninstall to reinstall but I can tell you why. Every program you just uninstalled left behind garbage in your computer. You might have gotten rid of the nice pretty pictures but there is a mess of destruction that is still hiding in the background. Once you have installed CCleaner, open it and run it. If you need directions go here. If you REALLY don’t care about your settings or where you like to put your folder windows on the screen, click all the check boxes. Run it twice after you decide to finally close your web-browser. Next use CCleaner to cleanup your Registry. Make the backup. Last, use it to inspect your start-up folder. These programs start every time you start your computer. Some programs are necessary to run, so don’t go hog wild. Learn what is required and what isn’t by learning more about your computer in forums. If you don’t know, ask! No question is ever a stupid question.

3. Run the Usual Suspects.

This includes the system programs that come pre installed on your machine such as Disk Defragmenter. If your computer has a pre-installed system optimization tool that you kept, use it.In other words let the computer try to manage itself for the purpose of moving and discarding files to the best of its ability.

4. Clean your desktop.

(Remove all those files you saved there), remove quick-start icons from the task-bar. These tend to be just one more item that Windows has to sludge through just to keep you happy. Put pictures in your picture library. Put documents in your documents library. Not on the desktop.

5. Invest.

Not talking about penny stocks here to make you rich. Invest in more RAM. Find out if your computer accepts larger amounts of this stuff and invest in a couple more Gigabytes. Unless you bought a system that was already maxed out, you have room to swap one for another larger stick. When you go to have it done, remember that computer repair dealers can be like jewelers. When you have two slots on a motherboard and you have to remove one stick to install another stick, you have one left over. Find out how many sticks of RAM you have, and how many you can install. When the job is done, Ask where it is, and get a discount if they want to play dumb and keep it. It’s yours, right?

That’s about it for now folks. I have to get my kids to school. :)

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