Chris Sanford, CTO

Simplify Simple Chief Technical Officer

The History

With a background in commercial construction and technical IT schooling, Chris Sanford was born and raised in the farms of Stockton, California with a knack for repair. The family construction business led to management positions in a number of companies for 15 years after receiving his university education. 11 years ago he founded Simplify Simple while working with clients across his kitchen table during the slow seasons, moving into two locations in the second year. A trained sailing instructor and active volunteer, Chris moved into Central Oregon with his two boys to provide Simplify Simple’s trademark high quality services and live out the Pacific North West dream.

He and his boys currently live in Redmond, Oregon. 

  • Internet Marketing 25%
  • Electronics Repair 50%
  • Software Solutions 75%
  • Customer Happiness 100%
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